March 8, 2011

Blog Investigation – Sucessful Bloggers

Are the most successful bloggers those who¬†aspire to be a writer or¬†is already a¬†writer?¬† I would think writers to be excellent bloggers ‚Äď after all ‚Äď writers are well-educated, creative, and talented.¬† Writers know how to choose¬†a topic, research ideas, and tell a story¬†to engage their audience.¬†¬†In order to set up a blog¬†one needs¬† to be¬†technical and web savvy ¬†too – hum – a writer with technical skills and a good understanding of the internet. ¬†

There is more to this topic¬†than I anticipated. ¬†I‚Äôm exploring what qualifications are needed to become a distinguished, respected, successful blogger.¬†¬†My investigation will start with research on¬†the infamous ProBlogger. ¬†I’ll be back tomorrow with¬†my findings.

Your research and comments are more than welcome!

VA Savvy!

February 22, 2011

WordPress Hyperlinks


Today I”ve learned how to add a Hyperlink into my blog – easy breezy!¬† Wow – did I just say that – Yes!¬† That is – it simply is EASY.

My sister Ellen is a wealth of information when it comes to the internet, technical lingo and questions.¬† I told her that I wanted¬†readers of my blog¬†to click on a word or topic and it would take them directly to the URL being referenced.¬† She called it a Hyperlink and explained how it would work. ¬†Sure enough – she was right.¬† After a quick¬†“WordPress Hyperlink” search I found¬†a WordPress Tutorial with a short video clip demonstration.

Start a post > highlight  the text you would like to make a link > click on the  insert/edit icon button (looks like a  chain link) in your blog editor.  This takes you to a new window. Add the URL address and check the Open link in the new window/tab if you want a new window > click Add link.

That’s it for today – back tomorrow with another update on learning how to blog.

Virtual Assistant Savvy!

February 18, 2011


I’m going to¬†talk about Themes today.¬† WordPress comes with a variety of themes that can be changed at anytime. I’m impressed at how easy it is to change your theme. ¬†There are¬†so many¬†free themes that you can use to express your inner self or profession.¬† From the sidebar, click on Appearance > Themes.¬† Here you will find different categories –¬†Random, A-Z, Popular, Recently Added, and Premium.¬† Go ahead and click on Popular.¬† Themes come with preset fonts, colors, description,¬† the option to preview or activate. When you see a theme that appeals to you, click on Preview.¬† Explore some more – have fun!

Once you¬†have made a decision, click¬†on Activate.¬†¬†Voila – a new look and feel for your blog.¬† If you’re blogging for fun, you can change your theme with your moods. If you are blogging as part of your business, you might want to invest into a professional theme that you pay money for. View the Premium WordPress Themes or search the internet for Professional WordPress Themes.¬† Keep in mind – your theme¬†is part of your corporate brand and identity.

That’s it for now –

Virtual Assistant Savvy

February 14, 2011

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you manage the components of your blog. There is a short video on the WordPress Dashboard that shows you how to set up your Dashboard for your specific needs. Everything is in one central location and easy-to-use.  You can drag and drop items into locations that are easy for you to view upon access. This is where you can edit your profile, change your theme,  and add new widgets or pages to your blog.

While checking everything on my Dashboard, I noticed that I have a Gravatar and that it can be changed.  Not knowing what a Gravatar is, I did a simple search. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

Virtual Assistant Savvy