I’m going to talk about Themes today.  WordPress comes with a variety of themes that can be changed at anytime. I’m impressed at how easy it is to change your theme.  There are so many free themes that you can use to express your inner self or profession.  From the sidebar, click on Appearance > Themes.  Here you will find different categories – Random, A-Z, Popular, Recently Added, and Premium.  Go ahead and click on Popular.  Themes come with preset fonts, colors, description,  the option to preview or activate. When you see a theme that appeals to you, click on Preview.  Explore some more – have fun!

Once you have made a decision, click on Activate.  Voila – a new look and feel for your blog.  If you’re blogging for fun, you can change your theme with your moods. If you are blogging as part of your business, you might want to invest into a professional theme that you pay money for. View the Premium WordPress Themes or search the internet for Professional WordPress Themes.  Keep in mind – your theme is part of your corporate brand and identity.

That’s it for now –

Virtual Assistant Savvy


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